FILIPOV Group is a company for production trade transport and services, operating in a number of countries across Europe. Our primary activity is international transport. Other businesses of the FILIPOV Group currently include agribusiness.

FILIPOV Group is actively developing its investment portfolio and expanding into new business segments. Currently, the FILIPOV Group is one of the leading transport company in Europe with its efficiency, timeliness and exactness.

The founder of FILIPOV Group is Mr. Dragan Filipov, a prominent Macedonian investor and businessman.

The Owner

Primary objective is to increase shareholder value of the FILIPOV Group and its businesses. Dragan Filipov determines the general direction and strategy of the FILIPOV Group and its businesses, and prepares and justifies major strategic and investment decisions for the company. It assists the FILIPOV Group’s businesses in achieving their strategic objectives and improving their efficiency, as well as providing leadership, attracting finance and developing cross-sector synergies.

Strategic management and control over the FILIPOV Group’s businesses is achieved by appointing representatives to sit on the Supervisory Boards of the businesses.